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Promo Roti Enak di Joy Bakery Solo

Sudah cek info Promo Roti Enak di Joy Bakery Solo? Pesan Roti Enak di Solo. Nah penasaran info diskon solo terbaru ? Cek sekarang juga…

Christmas is Coming 🎅🏻🎅🏻
PROMO Desember
Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-Choco Bun
-Smeer All Varian
-Red Bean Bun
-Family Plain
-Long John Cheese
Disc 20% for Banana Cake
Disc 20% for Beef Floss Roll Box (isi 8)
Disc 20% for Joy! Bakery Muffin
Come and Enjoy your Day

@joybakeryofficial 🧡
Joy! Bakery
#alittlejoyineverybite .
🍞 Jl. Yosodipuro No. 13 .
🥯 0271 8899000 .
🧀 6AM – 9PM

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